Mezzanine Floor Costs

A mezzanine floor, while quite costly, is still cheaper than completely relocating a business. Mezzanine flooring can be used for additional storage, office space, production space and retail.

The standard cost for a mezzanine is around £75-£150 per square metre, the cost all depends on the weight the floor needs to support. Mezzanine floors can be up to 80% cheaper than completely moving premises.

The weight requirement of the mezzanine floor depends on how it will be used. Typically, office space uses mezzanine flooring rated for 350kg per square metre this is a lot lower when compared to production space. This requires a much higher rated mezzanine, usually around 960kg per square metre.

Depending on what is being stored, the storage ratings will change. Heavier machinery will require a higher load rating than lighter items.

Positioning of the mezzanine floor will also affect the cost due to the complexity of certain warehouse spaces.

Sometimes the columns of the mezzanine structure can be hidden in the walls of the space created below the mezzanine. An experienced designer will be able to create a floor which is fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing.

On average an installation team will be able to fit around 100m2 of flooring per day. This gives a rough idea how long a mezzanine will take to construct so deadlines can be set. Fire rating will add onto the construction time.

Mezzanine flooring constructed for storage use doesn’t need to be fire safety rated, however if it is more than 50% of the building’s footprint then you may have to get it rated.

If the design of the mezzanine is simple then it can be taken with you to new premises, therefore saving costs in the future.

Mezzanine floors must conform to current building regulations. An inspection will take place once the floor has been completed, it will then be signed off and a certificate issued as proof. A fire officer will accompany the building inspector if the floor needs to be fire rated and inspected.