Types of Industrial Magnets

In a world that’s changing day by day, new industrial magnets are having to be manufactured in order to keep up with demand the in the magnetic separation sector. Here we look at a few different types of industrial magnets commonly used today.

Permanent Overband Magnets

Permanent Overband Magnets are known for their effectiveness when removing tramp ferrous material. This continuous removal process ensures all unwanted material are removed from your product stream and this therefore leaves you with a ferrous free end product. Overband magnets main use is to protect and separate materials in applications in quarrying and recycling sectors. Unlike some industrial magnets, these magnets are self-cleaning therefore making no need for manual cleaning which minimises overall downtime.

industrial magnets

Permanent Suspension Magnets

Suspension magnets are designed to extract the occasional tramp iron that can occur in a product stream. These are normally fitted above streaming products that are on a conveyer belt or vibratory feeder. The way a suspension magnet works is by being placed at the right angle in order create maximum extraction. A bonus of a suspension magnet is that it can be fitted to a travelling trolley, so it can be moved away from your production stream if you desire this.

Stainless Steels Separators

Stainless steel separators are commonly used in primary magnetic separation to remove weak magnetic materials from the first product stream. Unlike other magnetic separators, the magnetic field on these are much stronger, therefore allowing them to not only pick up strongly magnetised ferrous materials but also materials with a weaker magnetic pull.

Bullet Separators

Bullet separators work by attracting ferrous materials to its surface and holding them securely until they are cleared by the manually cleaning the separator. The efficiency of the bullet separator allows iron particles in pipelines to be easily extracted and in turn clear of ferrous products. A bullet separators design allows minimum downtime when cleaning due to its easy cleaning method.