Forging is the process of forming and shaping metals through the use of hammering, rolling or pressing. The process usually begins with starting stock, a cast ingot or a cogged billet which has already been forged from a cast ingot; this will be heated to its plastic deformation temperature, then upset or kneaded between dies… Read More

Mezzanine Floor Costs

A mezzanine floor, while quite costly, is still cheaper than completely relocating a business. Mezzanine flooring can be used for additional storage, office space, production space and retail. The standard cost for a mezzanine is around £75-£150 per square metre, the cost all depends on the weight the floor needs to support. Mezzanine floors can… Read More

What are Glossmeters?

Glossmeters are used to measure the gloss of a surface and the measurement expressed as gloss units. A beam of light is projected at an angle onto a surface and then measured at an equal but opposite angle. Depending on the type of surface being measured determines the angle used in the measuring process. Metal… Read More

Types of Industrial Magnets

In a world that’s changing day by day, new industrial magnets are having to be manufactured in order to keep up with demand the in the magnetic separation sector. Here we look at a few different types of industrial magnets commonly used today. Permanent Overband Magnets Permanent Overband Magnets are known for their effectiveness when… Read More